Netflix and what? Chill. Literally Just Chill.

So even though were slowly coming into spring doesn’t mean we can’t still pretend its winter? yeah ? On days where I just want to chill out, I get all cozy and just have copious amounts of tea and vegg out watching whatever I can get my hands on. If thats a couple of videos from the people that I’m religiously subscribed to on YouTube or, a plethora of different tv shows on Netflix that I am desperately trying to watch all at once.I get my bed all nice and comfy and just relax for a couple of hours, or let’s be honest .. Most of the day. Sundays are usually the best for doing this,so the tv shows that I normally gravitate towards are Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother , House, Offspring and many many other amazing tv shows that I am obsessed with on Netflix.


If I’m not watching Youtube or Netflix I am probably reading a book of some sort and lately it has been Colleen Hoovers books oh my , her writing is just so relatable and a more grown up version of some of the other contemporary books that I have read. You can find her books here for 25% off limited offer! She does class her books in the genre of “New Adult” and yes I would agree with that, I would not advise if you are under 16ish to read these books as they are somewhat more sexualized than some of the other well known contemporary books that have been talked about. I would have to say even though I have not read all the books that she has published that Ugly Love is one of my favourites so far. I have heard rumors that it will be made into a movie and if so I will be watching it!
There are only a few more things that make my relaxing sunday , or whatever day i choose to be a sloth, first of all I need a good cup of tea and there’s only a couple that do the trick. The good old Lipton and T2 Tea.

t2-teaThis particular tea is just amazing, with a splash of almond milk is just divine. And if I’m feeling like a bit of a sugar hit then il grab a couple Arnotts nice biscuits. T2 Tea based in Byron Bay NSW, are “constantly experimenting with new blends and tasty brew. Today even with over 200 teas to our name, we’re only scratching the surface of what’s out there” (quote from their website.) I have tried a few of the black tea range however I always seemed to go back to this one , I love it so much I bought the largest box you can get on the website, which was around $35 for the 250g. It is seriously amazing. You can check out more of there amazing teas on


The last thing to achieve gold medal slothness is a massive blanket, that you can wrap yourself in and I would suggest running into Kmart while they still have some left and buying yourself one if not all three of these amazing blankets !!

images from
I actually have the darkish grey one and for the price its deceivingly warm.So if you like pretending on a cloudy day that it’s winter and you want to cozy up then I hope these few suggestions help you.
Happy slothing 🙂

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