I’m an Independent Woman, I am moving out.


For the longest time I have wanted to move out of my parents home, to have my own space ( I do love them a lot and we are very close but it’s time for me to fly the coop ) , to have more independence and to feel more like an adult. So in a couple of weeks ( a year in the making… ) I am finally going to be able to do just that. I cannot wait to be to decorate my own space, fill it up with all my belongings and just marvel in the fact that I ,will be classed as an actual adult. Even though I am clearly not. haha, I am 23 but I don’t look nor do I feel 23 so I’m just going to go with it.
I will be moving in with one of my friends Natasha, and I cannot wait for us to just make the house ours. To decorate and furnish the entire house the way we want, and just make the house completely our own. Below are some inspiration I have found on Tumblr and Pinterest for my bedroom, which is going to be my favourite room to furnish and make my own.

I cannot wait to make my bedroom and my walk in wardrobe ( yes I will have one of these glorious things.. my bank account will hate me because the fashionista in me will need to fill it.. ) all my own and fill it with all my things and yessss.
So my vibes for these spaces : my bedroom will need to have an element of coziness , which I’m hoping I’ll be able to achieve throughout the lounge room as well.  To be honest by definition of coziness is just mainly lost of soft pillows and blankets! So that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.
In my bedroom I’m planning on having a designated desk/ work area as I’m going to be investing more time and eventually money into this blog. So I want it to have an organised clean feel to it to keep me motivated. Well this is the plan anyway, we will soon see. So overall for my bedroom  I’m planning a cozy/simple vibe with a hint of a bohemian feel… I think. That could change I mean I definitely want it to be cozy and be quite simple, in the way that I don’t want to have too many things , so the decor will be minimal but I still cozy.
I really love the photo on the left above ^^^ it just looks so put together, clean and neat.

Now let’s talk about the bed, I have a double bed at the moment ( I did think about upgrading to a queen bed but who am I trying to kid. I’m 5ft1 , a double is big enough ) I am going to leave the frame I have now at my parents house as it is way too heavy to transport  and just taking the double bed ensemble, I will eventually be buying a bed frame down the track when I can afford it.
I’m loving lilac, pinks and greys when it comes to bedding and I think those colours would look amazing with the feature wall in my soon to be bedroom which is like a purple burgundy colour.
I’m thinking of having my bed against that wall and having some artwork scattered around to create little a gallery wall and I can’t wait.

Another thing I cannot wait for is the walk in wardrobe that in connected to this room with a door coming off the wardrobe to the main bathroom! Which is amazing, but this whole luxury of having a walk in robe is going to be a blessing and a cure. Blessing because well its amazing and all my clothes will look so organised and put together. However a curse because I’m thinking that even though I do have a lot of clothes… the wardrobe will most probably look quite empty, which is a problem because I am going to want to fill it! I just thought of another blessing haha, if my wardrobe turns into a floordrobe, which it probably will, I can just shut the door so my room appears tidy!

I am loving this wardrobe idea at the moment and is probably what I’m going to lean towards. Nice and clean and simple, and those little boxes would be perfect for handbags and makeup storage.
Now this photo here on the right I have seen all over Tumblr and Pinterest, which is where I’ve been getting most of my inspo from. I just love the fluffy rug over the chair and the fact that the desk just looks so put together, I love it. I’m really aiming to make this space in my room just a motivating space.

I am absolutely loving pinky purples and greys and vibrant greens at the moment, so I think thats going to be the base colours in my bedroom. I really love the shelf above the bed idea with the frames on it. I had been tossing up the idea and buying a bed frame for my room but I’ve seen so many amazing photos of bed set ups without a bed frame at all, just the ensemble. So i definitely thinking something like this, it will easily be less expensive for me and ill be able to change it up as often as I like.

I am sure I will be posting more about my plans for the house and my bedroom and may even post photos! I seriously cannot wait to move in, however I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared about the whole bills situation but I’ll be fine I think (:
I believe my move in date is the 2nd of December so thats so exciting !!
AHH. 🙂
Thanks for reading .. if you got this far then you’re amazing and I love you for reading all of my rambles.
❤ Phoebe.


2 thoughts on “I’m an Independent Woman, I am moving out.

  1. I loved this post and related it to a lot! I am also 23 and my boyfriend and are are trying to get our own space. I love my parents but I think that it’s just time that I move on. Thank you for sharing!

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